Currently I'm still working on Snakeskin but I haven't gotten anything else up at the moment. I'll update on the homepage if something big lands over here.


Box art for Sealed Fortress. A group of three adventurers pose in the dim light next to a large super-imposed Sealed Fortress logo. The furthest back adventurer is a knight in full armor drawing her sword. Beside her is a spell caster peeking over their mantle to thumb through the pages of a tome. In front a thief poses in a relaxed manner while idly holding out her dagger.     I did some playtesting work for Sealed Fortress. It's an incredible small numbers rpg about exploring a dungeon, drinking soup, and collecting treasure without dying to a truly delightful menagerie of monsters. Did I deliver a vast contribution to the demo? Not necessarily, though playtesting is valuable work... What is vast is my desire to promote the work of my friends though, and I'm hopeful to playtest the full game when Mina's ready. Check it out if you've got the time.