Frequently Asked Questions

If I get asked more questions then I'll consider them for this page- but I haven't been asked many questions.

  • Help I can't see past all this rain, what gives???

        I was a little worried about that, but I'm too fond of the rain to remove it entirely. However, I did program in a weather cycle so that there are a few unobstructed "dry" days for you. This month they'll be on the Hope that helps for ya, see you under clearer skies.

  • Why Snakes?

        Why not? I just love snakes a lot. I think they're beautiful and noble creatures. I love learning more about them, the many varied species, and the challenges of their lives. Snakes are just such wonderful, flexible creatures trying to get by. I think a lot of people really don't like snakes; and for some folks that's because of a reasonable survival instinct, or phobia, and for most it's because they think snakes are icky.

  • Why is there so little writing right now?

        I'm kind of starting over with a clean slate. I've written some fanfics, a few years ago I wrote an unpublished 60k word romance novella... but I'm just not really happy with any of it. The way I construct ideas and narratives has improved significantly, not to mention my prose when I put my mind to it. It is almost embarassing to tie myself to that older work, as I'm sure it will be eventually to tie myself to the work that will populate this place. Nevertheless, all I can do is grow and not dwell on it too much.

  • How can I get in contact with you?

        I've toyed with setting up an email for this place, but chances are if I don't already know you and you don't already know how to reach me, then I'm not interested in being reached.