What's this all About?

  • The Site

        For a long time now I've wanted... something to host my work on, but have always been dissatisfied with various services available for that. Eventually I settled on this. The web is looking bad lately, and while I'm not really turning that around I'm at least getting away from the main miserable centralized platforms trying to squeeze all the life out of our online experience. I love working on funny little projects and putting what I want to see on the screen, the site is a motivator for my work and a work unto itself that I'm having fun with. All the headers are drawn by my hand, to whatever end that arrives at. The backgrounds are similarly photography I took and manipulated to get the particular look I'm after. Ultimately, I want to do it all myself even if it looks a little worse, the current climate online seems a miserable time for artists and I'd like to push back against that in any small way I can.

  • Musings

        This is gonna be the old essay collection. Analytical stuff that's burning a hole in my mental pocket so to speak, but that I can't quite bring to dump on my friends unprompted. Sometimes I will dump it on my friends unprompted, but this at least is a better outlet than buried in old chat logs or impromptu conversations. Mostly thoughts on lessons from games and literature I'm playing/reading respectively.

  • Sidewinding

        Whatever my current serialized original fiction writing will be housed under the Sidewinding banner. I have a terrible habit of thoroughly outlining a story that I want to write and then letting it slip away, but if I've finally sunk my teeth into the writing then I'm not likely to let go until it's good and done.

  • Projects

        Any stories I've completed on this site, projects I've helped people with, or otherwise external works of mine will all be collated under the projects banner.